Follow the steps to upload your hosting files, run & shutdown your game.

Step 1: Download Putty

Step 2: Open Putty,
            Host Name:
            Port: 22
            Saved Session: (save as whatever name)
            Click on Save, and close Putty

Step 3: Download FileZilla

Step 4: Open FileZilla                       
            Username: your username
            Password: your password
            Port: leave blank or you can put 21

Step 5: After you login on FileZilla, double click on byond folder
           Then double click on bin folder
           Double click on the hosting file you want to upload (You need to upload both the .DMB and .RSC)
           Close FileZilla After transfer is finished

Step 6: After the hosting files have been uploaded, open Putty (Note: You must close game before updating)
           Under Saved Session, double click on w/e you named it
           Enter your username, and hit enter
           Enter your password and hit enter (note: while you type it will not show up on your screen)
           Type cd byond and hit enter
           Type cd bin and hit enter
           Type source /home/YOURUSERNAME/byond/bin/byondsetup and hit enter
           Type ./DreamDaemon FILENAME.DMB BYONDPORT -safe -trusted& and hit enter (Make sure you include spaces and & at the end;
           Type logout and close putty (Your game should be up)

Step 7: Shutting Down Game
           Open Putty and login
           Type ps x
           Under Command, find the game (./DreamDaemon....)
           Look under Pid for the game's command
           Type kill -9 Pid ,the game should be down now


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